Monday, December 6, 2010

The Ricecakes Feel Like Human-EP

The Ricecakes, native to Providence, RI, consist of Roz Raskin (vocals and “mostly keyboard”), Casey Belisle (“mostly drums”) and Justin Foster (“mostly bass”).  They are signed by Moose Proof Records, which also hails from Providence. The band was voted Providence’s Best Local Act of 2010 by the Providence Phoenix and performs regularly throughout the East Coast. The Rice Cakes released Feel Like Human in September of 2010 on 10-inch vinyl with MP3 downloads. The album was entirely created by the band members as well, from the album artwork to the actual studio in which they recorded themselves.  
Feel Like Human delivers three tracks, “Zabudabudee”, “Yellow Fields” and “Human,” that are mellow and upbeat at the same time, coalescing incredible vocal talent, original lyrics and a unique sound. The trio highlights each member’s instrumental prowess yet the sounds combine to produce something even better: a juxtaposition of Roz’s sultry, melodic voice and a danceable beat. Although the EP lasts less than twenty minutes, I find myself listening to the album for hours.
The unique and catchy songs will keep you coming back again and again to The Ricecakes.  All of their music from Feel Like Human can be heard on their official facebook page, located at: and their album and merchandise can be purchased at

 Kristen Saucier

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